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“It isn’t fate that took us all by storm,
it’s just the turn of a card.”

Here’s a nice little subject to go into. Do you believe in fate, or do you think that our lives are random?

Personally, I believe in fate. I can’t bring myself to believe that things happen just by chance. I believe that we die at a time that’s predetermined as “our time.” I believe that we experience certain things in our lives to prepare us for the things that we will face later. I don’t believe in useless suffering (unless by that, you meant the kind we bring upon ourselves) – everything has a purpose, and our lives are not left to dangle in the wind.

But, like I said – that’s just me. What do you believe?


P.S. Here’s the source of that little snippet. One of my personal favorites. =D


Random thoughts and musings
-What differentiates the Sacred from the Profane? What is it that determines whether an action, object or place is singularly sacred or secular? To some people, there is no differentiation. Everything is “sacred,” as everything serves a purpose and is provided to them by their god(s). I think we often times forget this. Not to say that perusing Facebook is the equivalent of a religious pilgrimage, but think of what Facebook represents: A place in which to share in the company of others. You celebrate good news, send people condolences for bad news, and share things that give you enjoyment.
-As a culture, and having come from a very Christian background, I believe that the idea of repression and moderation are taken to extremes. Granted, it may have its place – abstaining from or limiting something for a period of time may have a positive spiritual effect – but all out denial (such as Christianity’s views on sex and substance) is ridiculous.
Aaaand… That’s all that’s coming out of my head in a coherent way at the moment.

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