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Dear Mostly-Non-Existant Readers,

There are many things in my life that make me very happy at the moment. First, there is my gem of a boyfriend. He is truly a beacon of light in my life. He is my best friend, somewhat of a spiritual TomTom when I need it, ¬†and the silliest, nerdiest, sweetest, most devilish person I’ve ever met, and he loves me to death. I, no doubt, return the same affections. I’ve been love-struck before, but for the first time in my life, I am in a healthy relationship that actually makes me happy.

Second, the spiritual path that I am on these days also has me in a very nice place. While, I do at times suffer from the broom closet blues, that is a subject for another post altogether. I feel at home in a religion that embraces nature, freedom, acceptance and the personal power that exists within every person and every thing. (For fear of crossing tree-hugging territory, I will not go much more into that particular facet.) I spent a good deal of my life questioning and *trying* to fit into a mold of what the religious traditions I was brought up in required of me. But this is a natural fit for me, something that I feel I was born to follow. My spiritual turmoil has settled into peace that now only bubbles with excitement for what I can learn, experience and do from this point on with it.

Also, food is nice.

=] Enjoy that bit of optimism, invisible readers.

– Kailene


Maybe redemption is stories to tell,
Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell.
Where can you run to, escape from yourself?

Thanks to XKCD for this tidbit.

Alright, lads, here’s a real question for ya.

At some of these universities, they have this nifty little program where you can design your own major. I think, given the right mix of classes – definitely science, math, and probably even a few philosophies – you could, in theory, design a time travel major. Your assignment, dear readers and students, is to put together a sort of major checksheet as would pertain to a “time travel major.” By all means, have fun with it – express your inner sci-fi nerd, but in all seriousness, include any and everything you think would be necessary to earn a theoretical degree in time travel.

Off with you, then. And report your findings here (or you can email me if you want to keep your submission private til the unveiling.) I will pick my favorite (read: both most practical and most entertaining) curricula and share them. I’ll give you, say – a week. Sound good? Now, allons y!

– Kailene

P.S. If you’re in need of inspiration (and happen to have a Netflix account,) take a bit of time off to watch a few episodes of Doctor Who, or any of your other favorite time travel-related shows/movies. =D

As promised, here’s the post about sex I was talking about before. Today’s topic is:

Friends With Benefits.

You know what this means. Hell, I’m sure your mother even knows what this means. When two friends decide that they’d like to have sex, no strings attached, and just have a good ole time. But, does having FWB-status really have as many “benefits” as it claims to have?

Now, my own opinion on this is a little murky. In my past, I’ve attempted this, only with an ex-boyfriend. (Spoiler alert, it’s not a good idea.) Not surprisingly, it was hard not to get feelings mixed-up in this kind of situation and the idea of FWBs has been deemed pretty much a failure in my book. Now, I’ve never attempted this with someone whom I’ve never had a romantic relationship with in the past, but I honestly don’t know if I really could bring myself to sleep (repeatedly and on purpose) with someone I didn’t feel close to or particularly comfortable with. Who knows, maybe that’s why it doesn’t work for me.

So, does it work for any of you? Is it possible to have a friend with benefits and do it “right?” Do you even think that the concept of friends with benefits is something our culture should embrace the way it does, or does it do more damage than good?

I’m going to make some time this week to just observe and be appreciative of everything around me.

I think you should, too.

If anyone’s reading and decides to do the same, maybe report back what epiphanies you have?
(Because there are always epiphanies. There are things that our conscious mind can’t translate into organized patters and snazzy lingo, and so they are left out of our everyday lives.)

It’s been a while since I’ve had a conversation with the wind.

Intro Post, tba…

Hello, there.

If you have made your way here and are seeing this post, I regret to say that I have yet to actually write my formal introduction and first post yet. No fear, it will get done as soon as I have a moment to think. So much to do, busy busy busy!


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