Thanks to XKCD for this tidbit.

Alright, lads, here’s a real question for ya.

At some of these universities, they have this nifty little program where you can design your own major. I think, given the right mix of classes – definitely science, math, and probably even a few philosophies – you could, in theory, design a time travel major. Your assignment, dear readers and students, is to put together a sort of major checksheet as would pertain to a “time travel major.” By all means, have fun with it – express your inner sci-fi nerd, but in all seriousness, include any and everything you think would be necessary to earn a theoretical degree in time travel.

Off with you, then. And report your findings here (or you can email me if you want to keep your submission private til the unveiling.) I will pick my favorite (read: both most practical and most entertaining) curricula and share them. I’ll give you, say – a week. Sound good? Now, allons y!

– Kailene

P.S. If you’re in need of inspiration (and happen to have a Netflix account,) take a bit of time off to watch a few episodes of Doctor Who, or any of your other favorite time travel-related shows/movies. =D