I have always had ills with the current state of the education system in many ways. As this post points out, their teaching methods are often irrelevant and seem to drill into one’s head the importance of matters that hold no bearing on the world in which the students are going to enter. Mind you, when you’re 14 this sentiment may come out as, “Why am I ever going to need Algebra II in real life???” But the point is still the same: They spend too much time trying to *tell* you what to *know* and hardly any time trying to *teach* you how to *think.* (The concept of teaching for an exam, which I have had many teachers openly admit to doing, is a cop-out.)

How long before we begin to hear this refrain?  Maybe from students, maybe from “experts”. Given developments in today’s world, and they keep coming, it’s not far-fetched to think that the present traditional model is simply not up to the task, is outdated, and out-of-sync with the needs to modern life. We have to get our view up to a higher level to see this.  We have to get out of the myopic perspective that is leading us into the abyss.   The … Read More

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